Top 10 Most Popular Magazines of 2014

The word magazine is derived from the Arabic word ‘makhazin’ which means storehouses. By observing the vast meanings of a magazine we consider it as a comprehensive source of expressing the reviews and previews on several kinds of topics. It is thoroughly a collection of articles published in a single published form. It can also be said as the storehouses of the knowledge. There are various kinds of magazines containing the topics of sports, fashion, news, film, business, automobiles, music and humor etc. which are published in millions of copies. A popular magazine is said to be that one which is found in our book-shelves, in the traveling bags and near our bed sides.

Magazines are published in many languages not in the English language only. Today we are going to arrange a list of top 10 most popular magazines of 2014 which is not merely based upon their circulation. This list is arranged by observing the overall popularity on social websites, circulation and through getting knowledge from different sources.

10. National Geographic

National Geographic

It is a magazine covering scenery, traveling to the whole world and the history. It provides almost everything about these topics. The award winning photojournalism of National Geographic magazine has made its name as the 10th most popular magazine of 2014. It has been continuously being published since 1888. It is read by more than five million people in the world.

9. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

It is a women magazine mostly targeting female’s interests like home economics, recipes, health and diet etc. It was firstly published by Clark Bryan way back in 1885. Most of the content of Good Housekeeping is written by the famous writers like Virginia Woolf, Edwin Markham and many others. It is one of the best selling magazines of the world and most of the buyers of this magazine are housewives.

8. People


People magazine is one of the America’s most popular magazines perhaps the best magazine of America. This weekly magazine publishes the articles on the famous and your favorite celebrities including real life heroes. It is being continuously published for almost last 40 years by Time Incorporation. Hollywood related news and articles are provided by this magazine. Its annual publishing ‘World’s Most Beautiful People’ is one of the main causes that it stands at the 8th place in our list of best selling magazines of the year.

7. Family Circle

Family Circle

Family Circle is another America’s women magazine which is being published since 1932. Meredith Corporation publishes this magazine 15 times in a year. It is included in a group of magazines which mostly targets the women, ‘Seven Sisters’. New York Times has also published this magazine quite successfully for a long time.

6. Game Informer

Game Informer

Game Informer is a video game magazine which is being published by a company named GameStop Corporation for the last almost 21 years. Reviews and news related to video games are published by this magazine. The editor in chief of Game Informer is McNamara which has worked extremely hard to make this magazine as one of the three most circulated magazines of United States. More than 8 million copies of this magazine are sold every month. It is mostly read by teenagers who want to know about latest updates of video games.

5. AARP the Magazine

AARP the Magazine

The largest America circulation is associated by this magazine. It was first time published a long time ago way back in 1958. Its original name was ‘Modern Maturityin’ which was changed to AARP the Magazine in the year 2002. It is a current affair magazine publishing the latest news and current affair articles. The surprising thing is that the global circulation of this magazine has reached to almost 33 million during the last few years. American Association of Retired Persons is a non-governmental organization of United States which has owned this magazine.

4. Awake


Although this magazine is the second most selling magazine of the world but other parameters like social popularity and the private surveys say that it is the 4th most popular magazine of the world in 2014. This monthly magazine was first time published in 1919. Awake is published in 99 different languages and the combining of the total circulation reaches to 43.5 million. It mostly publishes the articles related to religious topics based on Christianity. The main topics of Awake are bible, family interest and the other topics including geography etc.

3. Time


Time magazine is known by almost every person of the world who is interest in political conflicts and the spicy news. It is not only the weekly news magazine. It gives its readers a deep and thoroughly in sighted analysis of the important events occurred every day. It reveals the inner reasons and the facts of the incidents which are not known by most of the news agencies. The main areas of interest of Time magazine are family, society, business, health and politics etc. If you discuss magazines with a bookworm he will surely say that Time is the best magazine to read anytime.

2. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest

Having more than 6 million copies sold every month, Reader’s Digest is the second most famous magazine of 2014. Its circulation is increasing day by day with most rapid speed comparing other magazines. It is based on general interest which remained the most selling magazine till the year of 2009 in United States. Reader’s Digest was founded by the two great persons Lila Bell Wallace and Dewitt Wallace way back in 1922. This magazine compromises with 21 languages in almost 75 countries.

1. The Watchtower

The Watchtower

The Watchtower is the world’s most widely circulated magazine. It was firstly published a long time ago in 1879 by the name of Zion’s Watch Tower which was changed after 29 years by The Watchtower. It is a religious magazine with the main ambition to get the attention of the people towards the vast kingdom of God. It published articles on bible and the history of religion. The unique thing of magazine is that is published in 210 different languages which show its popularity. The circulation of this magazine has reached to over 45 million. It is distributed among people free of cost. These figures rank it as the most popular magazine of 2014.

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