Top 10 Best Laptop Brands of 2014

Best laptop brands are in the row before the people. You can say that if you buy a laptop of any brand then you are the best judge of this laptop to determine how best and appropriate is this one for you. There are more than special features of the laptop that can be assessed very easily like the screen display, hard disk errors, RAM efficiency and the overall browsing performance of the laptop. In many cases, people can know the best part of the brands and in this way, it becomes very clear for all the people to know the best one available in your own home city. Like, the Toshiba batteries are very famous in passing large time scenario as compared to other one. Here are the top 10 best brands of laptop from bottom to top. These companies produce best laptops and are most popular laptop brands of 2014. The ranking of these brands is made taking into consideration many factors especially overall performance of their products and trust of people on their laptops.

10. Gateway


It is the daughter company of the Acer whose trustworthy electronic things have been marketed extensively in all the countries. Although, it is new one and freshly opened new horizon of laptop brand but yet it is providing an incredible great laptops for the public whose comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

9. Toshiba


Toshiba is one of the leading laptop manufacturing brands belonging to the japan. It is regarded as one of the top brand in the early nineteen. As we have talked earlier in introduction that battery timing and overall efficiency of the laptop measures the appropriateness of the laptop. Thus, you can go to buy a Toshiba laptop with an intention of leading innovation.

8. Dell


The XPS series of Dell has earned a lot of prestigious popularity and dignity in the list of nominated brand s of laptop. This thing has uplifted the marketing status of laptop in all over the world. We can appreciate this brand that ministry of science and technology of Pakistan has imported millions of Dell laptop for Pakistani students. Dell, the most popular laptop brand, is world’s 8th best laptop brand of 2014.

7. Acer


Acer laptop is a very common and assessable brand for almost every one. We can say that this brand is surely a student brand because of very reasonable price values. The prices are very low of Acer laptop that a mediocre student and lower middle class business man can buy this laptop to run his homework or office work respectively.

6. Sony


Sony is an old and experienced laptop brand in the world of electronics. This is very experienced electronic brand whose laptop brand has been flourishing for many days. The distinguishing feature has been in the market for many years like the camera, camcorder and other electrical appliances

5. Asus


Asus, with the symbol of “Inspiring Innovation and Persistent Perfection” is an Asian brand which offers employment to more than 20,000 employees. The laptops Asus are mature famous for their highly classy hardware apparatus, advanced software, better display quality, better gaming and other hypermedia options.

4. Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard

HP has gained considerable appreciation and trustworthy comments from the public and this is the emerging evidence of the great development as one of the top most popular laptop brand of the world. There are many competitive brands but this brand is unique one with durability, consistency, affordability and reliability in performance and efficiency.

3. Lenovo


Lenovo is at this position just because of it’s highly sophistication in the laptop manufacturing devices. It has gained this prestigious position because of highly costly electronic items like laptops, notebooks and other devices. It has the honor to hold the name of creating one of the most costly laptop of the world.

2. Alienware


The underwritten title phrase suggest you a very entertaining laptop prepared by this brand. No doubt, you are right in your selection. This brand is specialized to provide you high performance gaming laptop that can never be challenged by any other brand. You can have a very good access to a widely opened door of heavy gaming zone. If you love playing games on laptop then you should buy laptop of this brand.

1. Apple


There is no one who is unaware of the most trustworthy and excellent laptop brand of Apple. This brand has taken away all the honors and awards from the rest of rivals just because of most excellent laptop manufacturing delivery. The laptops generated by Apple do not carry malfunctioning or virus despite excessive usage. Apple is the best laptop brand of 2014 because of its reliability and the trust of people. Although laptops by Apple are expensive but people prefer buying Apple’s expensive laptops rather than buying laptop with same specifications at lower price.

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